QT for AmigaOS 4

QCodeEdit is not so much a text editor as it is a text editing framework. Indeed, it comes as a library (whose API closely match that of QTextEdit to ease porting) that can easily be linked to or embedded into another Qt application. A demo application is however provided and while being minimalistic it is already a decent text editor.

Main features :
* speed : by rewriting the document and editor components from scratch,
* low memory usage : again, dropping QTextDocument allowed a lot of improvements
* Unicode/Bidi support : encountering text that requires Bidi processing,
* generic syntax engine : highlighting, brace matching, auto-indenting.
* flexible UI : a system of panel allow easy extension of editor functionalities.
* unlimited undo/redo
* dynamic line wrapping
* extended and easy to use search facilities
* easy line marks management
* straightforward line endings management
* straightforward encodings management
* column selection and column edit
* infrastructure to plug completion engines and input bindings
* code snippets
* session save/restore (reload files, cursor position, selection, line marks…)


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