The next Apollo-CORE Release GOLD2 is planned for november 2016! GOLD2 supports 100% correct prediction of workloop branches including the last branch. Loops for example using DBF can be predicted including the loop exit without any misprediction. Apollo 68080 is the only 68K CPU providing this feature. This feature can gives especially for very short loops a performance of several times faster than Motorola 68060.Apollo provides about 200 times performance increase over original 68000 CPU. The GOLD2 allows to run in a game compatibility mode with more old Amiga cpu speed and extra chipset synchronization features to fix old programmer bugs. While GOLD1 gave already faster memory performance than G3/G4 PowerPC Amiga systems, the Apollo team improved the prefetchers and are developing a new even faster memory controller – they aim for a peak memory speed of 500MB/sec for the GOLD2 release. For more information please visit www.apollo-core.com

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