The legendary team behind many retro classics including the Last Ninja 2, Exolon, Street Racer and Cybernoid; Mev Dinc and Raff Cecco are thrilled to announce the formation of their new company, Pixel Age Studios! The company is thrilled to announce a rip-roaring reboot of the 16 bit Amiga classic, First Samurai. The new game will be called Super Samurai:Temples of Time. The Super Samurai Kickstarter campaign will start on Saturday 5th November 2016! The First Samurai is a platform game that involves the player on a quest as the first samurai in the history of ancient Japan to survive in a world of evil and rival swordsmen. The main objective in a level is to collect a set of four items which must be used to get access to the area with the end of level guardian. If you are a fan of the genre rush over to kickstarter and fund the game!

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