HstWB Installer is a set of scripts to make it easy to build an Amiga HDF image with preinstalled Workbench, WHDLoad games and/or demos incl. Arcade Game Selector 2 or iGame menu to launch games and/or demos. Setting up a blank Amiga HDF image with e.g. PFS3, Workbench, Kickstarts roms and WHDLoad games/demos installed properly can be a cumbersome task unless you spend a lot of time figuring out how this is done step by step. This is where HstWB Installer can help to automate such installations and should be possible for almost anyone with very little knowledge about Amiga. First run HstWB Installer Setup script to configure settings. Default settings are used, if settings file “hstwb-installer-settings.ini” doesn’t exist. Each time a setting is changed the settings file is updated or auto saved. When choosing Workbench adf or Kickstart rom set, files in configured directories are examined to find valid Workbench adf and Kickstart rom files required for installation process. Select the set that has all files detected.


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