Cannon Fodder saw Sensible Software take the tiny, pixelated sprites from its successful soccer game Sensible Soccer, whack them in helmets and tanks, let us divide them into pincer movements and send them into enemy territory to be slaughtered mercilessly. The game puts you in command of up to eight soldiers who can be divided into up to three groups. Each level may consist of several phases, and fallen soldiers are replaced with new recruits at the beginning of each new phase, while those who survive an entire mission are promoted and receive an increase in their abilities (rate of fire, accuracy and range). All soldiers are equipped with machine guns (which have unlimited ammunition), and may also carry grenades and rockets found on the map. Your tactical abilities are put to the test, as everything happens in real time, and micro-managing eight units might prove too difficult or simply not a wise choice. For this, you can assign each of the three possible groups to be controlled by the AI while you put your plan into motion. Each phase has different objectives, such as defeating all enemies on the map or rescuing hostages. You can download the full Amiga version coming on 3 ADF disk files.