The PowerPC notebook for Linux from Power Progress Community selected Debian 9 (Stretch) OS, because it offers a lot of advantages (DFSG, Altivec, compatibility etc…). Because of this, the Debian team has recently decided to remove powerpc (Big Endian) from its release architectures for the upcoming Debian 9 (Stretch) and Debian testing (Stretch) powerpc repositories have been removed. Besides that, they will keep ppc64el (Little Endian) as a release architecture. The team behind this unique project will even consider the possibility of making the motherboard Open Source Hardware (OSH). They will publish all the CAD files, specifications and any other documentation in a way that could be usable. Of course they will share the source code too (firmware and drivers). Coming with a 64-bit architecture with a proper 32-bit subset, ISA 2.04/2.05/2.06 support multicore/multithreading, virtualization, hypervisor and Power Management. Hyperion Entertainment CVBA should really consider making contact with this team. Imagine this notebook coming with Debian 9 & AmigaOS4 and multiboot options. For more information please visit www.powerpc-notebook.org