Many woman have made many important and lasting contributions to programming throughout the decades! Numerous pioneering women have designed and developed programming languages that have significant, lasting impact on software development. Kathleen Booth created the world’s very first assembly language in 1950 known as ARC. In those days of computer programming, programs had to be written directly in machine code. Assembly language was developed to make computer programming easier and more reliable. Kateryna Yushchenko is the creator of Address programming langauge in 1950 to support indirect addressing and predated many well-known higher level languages developed, such as COBOL. Jean Sammet is credited with creation of FORMAC which an extension of FORTRAN, in 1962. Cynthia Solomon created a programming language for kids based on words and sentences rather than number and symbols, also know as Logo. Grace Hopper created the world’s first compiler, known as A-0, and a number of other early high-level programming languages, such as ARITH-MATIC. COBOL was ultimately based heavily on FLOW-MATIC this why Grace Hopper is considered the mother of COBOL.

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