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Why not? Any demands of AmigaOS4 going open source is an illusion and i understand Hyperion entertainment CVBA, it must have cost some money and hard work to make it happen in the first place. But how about Cloanto doing us all a great favor? Commodore AmigaOS 3.1 is a very lightweight operating system and a world apart from AmigaOS4, so it should not be conflicting to make it open source! It would be great for the Amiga community and a great new vibe and sensation for the scene who deserve this chance in my honest opinion. Imagine if Cloanto would agree and the source of Commodore AmigaOS 3.1 would be based on the Linux foundation, to prevent problems concerning compatibility. One website with the source code of the operating system and basic kickstart 3.1 released with the Commodore Amiga 1200 in 1992. I think a lot of enthusiasts would consider porting the classic OS to many available platforms and some great things would happen in the near future. How could things go wrong? How can this old operating system in any case undermine the authority of Hyperion entertainment or A-EON technology in the Amiga scene? About a year ago hackers released the source code of OS classic anyway! I am sure that this event would attract a lot of media attention and new possible Amiga fans & computer hobbyists probably improving the OS and who knows where all of this ends! Everything is about open source today, it’s an unstoppable G-train even capable of undermining monopolist number 1; Microsoft. I don’t think Cloanto is making a lot of money out of the good old AmigaOS3.1 and it’s a nice gesture to the Amiga community or perhaps the entire computer community. So please Cloanto make yourself legendary, become a pioneer in open source, release the Amiga legacy after 24 years from it’s chains.


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