Doom was released on 10 December 1993, that’s 23 years ago, that the genre became a universal and a resounding success. This great classic kickstarted ID software on the software market and never left the software scene, keeping it’s legendary status with many new Doom releases. Amiga users had to wait a bit longer but had there own Doom look a like; Gloom. Doom being as ancient as it is, still looks and sounds brilliant. Countless mods and remakes have been made and is probably released on every OS or game-system. Its debut was one of those rare landmark moments in the industry, the kind that, after it had shipped and the world understood exactly what it was, reorganized the history of video games! Doom’s impact would be felt not just in the tech and video-game realms, but across pop-culture in its entirety. You can still feel it today, 23 years later. It’s probably the most famous character with no name if you compare it with legends like Mario or Sonic, anyway happy Birthday nameless hero!

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