BITbyBITsoftware group LCC proudly presents a new update of SDK browser. The new release of SDK Browser v2.1.2.0 solves the AmiDock crash error. The new release of SDK Browser is updated and built for the latest AmigaOS4 SDK, support for 64-BIT Filesystems and is optimized for the new released AmigaOS4.1 final edition update 1. The SDK Browser provides any Amiga Programmer a quick reference tool into the live AmigaOS4(tm) SDK (Development Tools) installation on your AmigaONE, via a 100% graphical (GUI) based tool. It can help you find the format (prototype) for any AmigaOS4 system call as well as lookup a specific structure reference, method, tag item, what-have-you, quicker than any other tool. Or, you can simply use it as a great way to wander through the AmigaOS4 development documentation (AutoDocs, Includes, etc.) to learn more about how to program for this great machine and its powerful operating system.


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