Ami/LX is a Linux distribution for Amiga Enthusiasts, aside from general desktop use Ami/LX also includes an Amiga emulator to run classic versions of the AmigaOS and allows users to run classic Amiga software. Ami/LX does not include any ROMS or OS software. ROMs and OS Software can be purchased from Cloanto Inc or Hyperion Entertainment CVBA. This Amiga based Linux distro comes with Samba File Sharing, Sylpheed e-mail client, Cheese Webcam Booth, GIMP Image Editor, Dropbox Online Storage, Gthumb Photo manager, and much more! Ami/LX 6.0 features full UEFI support and is optimzed for X86/64bit architecture! You can download the ISO file and make Ami/LX 6.0 boot on DVD or USB 2.0 and full installation on your hard drive is optional. (download is 1.4GB)