This is a project by Jeri Ellsworth and would be manufactured in early 2005, but was canceled due to the cost of flash, lack of fan base and the declining plug and play toy market. The games for the Amiga were usually a single floppy disk or more and would take up too much space in flash. It was difficult to convince any toy manufacturer it was worth paying for more than 2megs of storage. Most toy manufacturers also worried that the name Amiga was not as recognizable as Commodore C64.  The original Amiga 500 proved to be Commodore’s best-selling Amiga model, enjoying particular success in Europe. Although popular with hobbyists, arguably its most widespread use was as a gaming machine, where its advanced graphics and sound were of significant benefit. The Commodore Amiga 500 eventually sold 6 million units worldwide! Watch the video for more details! (Artwork by Anarkhya)


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