The RedOnefF still available AmigaOne systems

The RedOne/F Amiga compatibles from Relec Swiss are still available. The system is very compact, while being roomy, this elegant case in metal 0.8, combines robustness and flexibility. In its sober dress black-silver, heightened by a new “design by RELEC”, it will know how to point out on your desk! Relec Swiss is proud of this new integration which confers to FLEX card possibilities adapted to its flexibility. Like the SAM440ep, the motherboard FLEX has a passive cooling, the level of noise of this configuration will be noticeably lower. For the same reasons the hard disk SATA was chosen in a more silent series. On the other hand, its performances remain superior to the average, with 36Gs, 7200rpm, 8.9ms and a cache of 16MB. We are certain, that this configuration is going to satisfy, everyone who waited for a more flexible alternative to the THE RED ONE and for whom the dimensions and the mobility, are not a priority! Based on the success of the design of Sam440ep, the new board offers more possibilities of extension thanks to its FlexATX format. The board Sam440ep-flex has the same technical specifications as Sam440ep but offers 3 slots PCI and 1 miniPCI slot more, while keeping a compact size (215 x 170 mm). The core of the card is a PowerPC 440EP, a System On Chip (SoC) produced by AMCC under license of IBM. For more information and purchasing the RedOne/F please visit the webstore of Relec Swiss.

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