SnapIT 1.4 released

SnapIT By Swedish software developer onyxsoft is a powerful, yet simple-to-use screen grabber for AmigaOS4 and OS clones such as MorphOS and AROS. SnapIT is an useful tool for those who need to be constantly taking screenshots, but also for those who only capture their desktop screen from time to time and need only a simple tool to do the job as quickly as possible. This program automates the whole process of capturing images. Simply press the user-defined keyboard shortcut and then choose what to do next with the captured image.

What’s new (v1.4) :

* Reggae-support for saving data which includes a lot more formats to save to (MorphOS only)
* Missed to apply translation to the ASL-window (save file as…)
* Fixed that the free grab works as intended if the program was started iconified.
* Added Greek translation by Anthony Iliakis.
* Using latest MUI4 on OS4 to set the “aiming” pointer when using freegrab mode.
* Now possible to grab a screen and save it without using the GUI (cli argument)
* Added CX_POPKEY / CX_POPUP handling
* Modified SnapIT so it can only be started in one instance, run it twice, uniconifies the first instance.
* Included a updated Spanish guide file by Victor Gutiérrez
* Removed the requester when starting the program without a keyfile


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