Amiga Reloaded under € 200

Much like the C64 Reloaded, the Amiga Reloaded will be a new Amiga motherboard using original MOS/CSG chips. It does not directly compare to any existing Amiga mainboard, but if you want a comparison basis, then an A1200 is probably the closest match. Amiga Reloaded is an AGA Amiga using the original chips Alice, Lisa and Paula, along with two CIA chips. Other chips of the computer will be replaced by modern logic chips. The Amiga Reloaded will not have any CPU but will work with official released accelerator cards from Individual Computers (ACA series), it would be very interesting that Vampire’s team upcoming ‘Vampire Amiga1200 accelerator’ would work. The Amiga Reloaded will use a modern laptop power supply as it’s only power source, even with today’s standards, the Amiga can be considered a low-power system. The Kickstart ROMs will be properly licensed from Cloanto, and will be stored in a flash ROM. Flash space will be 1MByte. After Individual Computers finished the first prototype, they will take binding orders to find out the actual demand of the Amiga Reloaded. After this order phase is over, production will start and the boards will be delivered about 18-20 weeks after the initial order phase. The Amiga reloaded would cost less then € 200(!).


Source: / Artwork by Jarno Smit


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