From the famous company Haage & Partner who created StormC and so many other great software applications for AmigaOS. ArtEffect 4 unites painting and image processing under a particularly productive user interface. ArtEffect 4 is a powerful graphics package for all tasks of digital image processing and is perfectly suited for improving scanned images. In conjunction with a graphics tablet, the extensive amount of painting tools can be used to simulate natural painting with brush, airbrush, charcoal or oilpaint.Thanks to the layers provided by ArtEffect 4, image composition is easy and efficient. A dedicated text layer and automatic creation of shadows are only a few of the many possible special effects.Even buttons and banners for web pages can be created easily thanks to the powerful functions of ArtEffect 4. ArtEffect 4 is not ‘just another’ graphics program for the Amiga. Neither is it oriented towards the current ‘standard’ Amiga programs, but rather to classic image processing programs such as Photoshop and creative painting packages such as Fractal Painter. ArtEffect 4 offers more than 30 different effects with countless options. While many of the Amiga’s normal bitmap paint programs only allow painting in a single colour, ArtEffect 4 gives you access to a full range of natural paint tools that allow you to Simulate paintbrush, crayon, airbrush, chalk, coal and oil colours. One of the powerful features of ArtEffect 4 is its Stencil function. This is a sort of Photoshop’s magic wand and Photogenic paint layer. In Photoshop the magic wand allows you to select areas of a picture that contain similar shades of colour, so when you apply an effect it is only applied to the selected area. ArtEffect 4 lets you have this quick area selection but instead of using Photoshop’s basic outline it gives you the ability to directly ‘paint on’ this stencil layer, in a similar way to Photogenic. ArtEffect 4 is a pure 24 bit art package. All operations and manipulations are carried out in the highest possible quality. Amiga with 68020 CPU or better, AmigaOS 3.x and compatible with AmigaOS 4.x, requires 8MB RAM. You can still purchase ArtEffect 4 on the webstore of for only €11,90!

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