The Radeon HD 7750  comes with 1GB of GDDR5 memory, making the HD 7750 a good mainstream graphics card for AmigaOne systems and comes with Warp 3D support. The 7750  isn’t just about speed, though. Indeed, the card design is extremely light on power. So much so that you don’t need any extra power connectors from the PSU. When it comes to the connectivity side of things we again find ourselves a little surprised with what’s on offer. Normally we’d expect something along the lines of a Dual-Link DVI port like we have here and possibly a VGA one. Instead, though, you can see we’ve got both a mini DisplayPort and mini HDMI port here. For a low profile card, this is a very good connectivity setup. When it comes to looking at the specification side of things the card carries with it just the reference clock speeds. That means the core comes in at 800MHz while the 1GB of GDDR5 carries with it a 4500MHz QDR clock. So how to describe this card? The Sapphire 7750  Low Profile is certainly worthy of your consideration. It is an extremely tiny card with an efficient cooler that keeps temperatures well in check when running stock speeds without a lot of noise. No, it won’t run everything at maximum settings with perfect fluidity. It doesn’t suck up much juice under load and it doesn’t clutter your case with a bunch of wires either. True, the temperatures when overclocking rose to nearly insane levels, but you can only expect so much from a cooler smaller than your average smartphone. That said, if you manage to keep the card cool, it overclocks like a monster and there’s a lot of potential performance on the table if you’re willing to push it to its limits. It’s not often that you see any low spec being card overclocked over 50%. You should definitely keep this little trooper in mind if you want to buy a cheap graphics card for your AmigaOne system and having Warp 3D support only makes it better.  You can purchase the 7750 on for $99.

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