The Youtube channel Amigos, have a brilliant video of them interviewing none other than David Pleasance from Commodore UK. Commodore UK was the only subsidiary to survive the bankruptcy and even placed a bid to buy out the rest of the operation, or at least the former parent company. For a time it was considered the front runner in the bid, and numerous reports surfaced during the 1994–1995 time frame that Commodore UK had made the purchase. Commodore UK stayed in business by selling old inventory and making computer speakers and some other types of computer peripherals. Ultimately, the successful bidder was German PC conglomerate Escom, and Commodore UK went into liquidation on August 30, 1995. Escom paid US$14 million for all the assets it separated the Commodore and Amiga operations into separate divisions and quickly started using the Commodore brand name on a line of PCs sold in Europe. However, Escom went bankrupt in summer 1996.

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