The German technology company Phase 5 announced that next generation 68k & PPC accelerators, graphic cards and PCI expansion boards will be released in the near future. The company received the first batch of Blizzard PPC Testboards from a German pcb manufacturer early February 2017. The German company will participate in the Amiga 32 Years anniversary celebration Event in Neuss Germany this Year on 28th of October 2017. They will be exhibiting new Hardware products for the Commodore Amiga Computer Platform. Phase5 used to be the dominant force in classic Amiga acceleration in the early 90’s. This dominance was the direct result of the Commodore demise in 1994 as well the strategic partnership with Amiga Technologies which gave the German company the advantage for migrating the Amiga platform towards the PowerPC processor solution. Pricing and release are TBA…

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