The recent project by Stephen Leary world’s first open source accelerator board for Commodore Amiga systems has been canceled. The TerribleFire, is an 68020 accelerator board for any Commodore Amiga 500 and available under the licence of GPLv2. the open source accelerator board can also be used in Atari systems. The Amiga enthusiast Stephen Leary was also working on the accelerator board ‘TF540’,  a new 68040 accelerator for Commodore Amiga systems. Stephen Leary could no longer accept the huge and ignorant criticism on his project, and some criticism got to dirty and childish. He regrets canceling his projects and would like to thank all the positive peoples and supporters of his open source accelerator project. Lets hope he changes his mind and ignores the haters! Many new Amiga initiatives get flamed like Generationamiga, new revived Phase5 and even A-Eon technology are undergoing this kind of hating stuff (mostly the same people). Watch the movie if you want to know more…

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