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Could a new Linux base for tablets and smartphones succeed in 2017? Accordingly to Bhushan Shah from KDE this could soon become a reality. Currently Ubuntu Touch, SailfishOS/Mer, Plasma Mobile and others have different android source trees and methods on how our stacks are built and there is lot of fragmentation. Each OS make use of android binary drivers using projects like libhybris, ofono, libcamera, audioflinger glue etc. Instead of being fragmented and everyone having to do the same job in a different way and team behind project Halium have come up with idea to have a common base for all the OSs. The common base would include Linux kernel + Android HAL + libhybris shared between all the OSs. Less fragmentation would mean more common resources and would be a huge boon for porting efforts. The project could mean a big deal and makes it easier for other distributions to run on mobile devices.

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