“A week ago we shared with you our joy as we move towards the rebirth of the Amiga desktop platform. The AmigaOne and AmigaOS4 are projects that have occupied almost every day of our lives for the last two years. For the community, the wait and the false dawns have been unbearable.” Said Bill McEwen CEO Amiga Inc. on April 12, 2002. AmigaOne was the name of a project for new computer hardware to run Amiga Digital Environment, in later plans replaced by AmigaOS 4 from Hyperion Entertainment CVBA. AmigaOne can be seen as a successor of the popular Amiga series by Commodore International. Earlier models were produced by Eyetech, and were based on the Teron series of PowerPC POP mainboards. When the AmigaOne boards first became available, AmigaOS 4 was not ready and they were supplied with various Linux distributions. Eyetech Group Ltd retired from the market in 2005 and the AmigaOne series stay dead until February 2010, when a new company A-Eon Technology, in co-operation with Hyperion Entertainment, officially announced a new AmigaOne model, the AmigaOne X1000 and in September 2011, Acube Systems introduced AmigaOne 500 system based on Sam460ex mainboard.