AmiKit X comes with more than 380 pre-installed Amiga programs, offering a high-end AmigaOS configuration on multiple systems. Amikit X turns your computer system into high-end Amiga environment, everything is pre-installed, well configured and designed by Ján Zahurančík, Author of AmiKit. AmiKit does not include the Amiga Operating System required to run all  included Amiga programs. So, for AmiKit to work you do need AmigaOS & ROM files. You can surf web, read emails and documents, listen to or create your own music, burn CD/DVDs, edit images, play games and much more. Originally developed as the main operating system for A.L.I.C.E., it is now available for the broader audience of Windows and Mac users. Besides an interesting “Rabbit Hole” feature enabling you to launch Windows or Mac applications on emulated Amiga desktop, AmiKit X is also bringing new updates to ‘killer’ Amiga programs like AfA_OS, MCP, AmiStart and others. An important milestone is that new Magic User Interface 5 (MUI) is now included with a keyfile, which makes it a full version enabling all MUI apps to look beautiful in AmiKit, especially in HD or FullHD resolutions which are now supported. For those who loved classic Amiga games there is a gem included: the legendary Another World game! If you prefer shoot ’em up style games instead, you will like an exclusive port of Tyrian DOS game for sure. Overall design of AmiKit was refreshed, including new visual themes, icons and other graphics from artist Ken Lester. With tons of improvements under the hood (the system now boots 50% faster, for instance) and new or updated programs, AmiKit X represents the most complete classic 68k Amiga experience. You can purchase Amikit X for just 29,95 euros on the webstore of Amikit.