The first thing you’ll notice when after the game boots is the amazing intro music! I’m talking real cool! Sort of a Techno-House dance tune, with digitized effects and a chorus that occasionally chants the phrase “Body Blows” in time with the beat. Anime-style portraits of the characters then appear one at a time, while flying pixels make neat patterns in the backdrop.The title screen itself consists of beautifully rendered characters which are reflected below as if on water. This rippling water effect is used later on in one of the scenes where the characters actually fight in an ankle deep rippling pond next to several animated waterfalls. Pressing the fire button brings you to a main menu which displays your typical playing options. You can play against the computer or against a friend. In Tournament Mode, you can have either 4 or 8 players using any of the 12 characters (yes, you can all pick the same character if you like). There are several game options also. Matches can either be determined in a single round, or by playing a best 2 out of 3. A match can have a time limit of 60 or 90 seconds per round or have unlimited time. There are 3 difficulty levels when playing against the computer. There is also a special Mercy Mode, which prevents the other character from being able to hit you immediately after you stand up (after being knocked down).

The central theme concept of the game is that 2 characters from Body Blows, after defeating the evil Max, decide to take on the universe and challenge the meanest and toughest in an Intergalactic Competition, to become the ultimate Galactic Warrior. Playability is extremely high.  Several of the worlds in Body Blows Galactic AGA sport full screen parallax. Objects in the scenery scroll not only left and right but also up and down when a character jumps. There are also objects which scroll in front of the action as well as behind. One of them is a waist-high, wire mesh fence or divider which you can actually see through. The paralax is about as good as I’ve seen in a beat-em-up on a home computer or video game console. It certainly  puts SFII or Mortal Kombat for Amiga to shame. All of the scenery in Body Blows Galactic is very nice to look at, and lend themselves well to the mood of the game. The joystick control is very responsive, and the moves are easy to learn. There are 20 to 21 moves for each character and Body Blows Galactic gets all of those using only a 1-fire-button joystick. There is no keyboard support, so you need at least one joystick, or two for multiple players.

Each of the 6 worlds has unique background music which stays comfortably in the background. All of the songs are very well done, and the music doesn’t steal audio channels from the sound effects. All of the characters make different sounds when they punch, kick or whatnot, and this adds greatly to the game. I should mention that the AGA version sports more colours, better quality sound, more sound effects and tweaked music over the old chipset(OCS) version. All of the characters have very distinct personalities with all the flavour and atmosphere of any of the other more well known beat-em-ups, without resorting to look-a-likes: for example, Sub-Zero and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. The music is superb. The graphics are superb. The feel and playability are excellent. There is no Comparison. Body Blows Galactic is the best beat-em-up  for a standard Commodore Amiga 1200 Amiga. You should really download this golden classic and revive the past of great  beat-em-up games for Commodore Amiga.

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