This relatively simple game from Broderbund has a straight forward story line. You are the pilot of a WWII Hellcat fighter/bomber based aboard an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. Your mission is to capture enemy islands, sink enemy ships, and defeat enemy aircraft. The tools available are the Hellcat’s .50 caliber machine guns and a choice of bombs, rockets, or a torpedo. To liberate an island, you must destroy all enemy bases and antiaircraft batteries on the island and you must shoot all of the soldiers there. To sink an enemy ship you need to hit it with 1 or more torpedoes. The point of view on this game is from the side as it was in ChopLifter. This makes flying the aircraft somewhat unintuitive and can lead to many unnecessary crashes early on. Play starts on board an aircraft carrier where you get to select the armament for your plane. You always have your machine guns. You take off from the carrier and fly toward your first objective, an island in the early levels, islands and ships in the later ones. When ascending, the game automatically zooms out so that you can get a better view of your surroundings. When you reach the objective you dive and drop your ordinance. Dropping bombs is easiest, but some fortifications will require rockets. I found dropping torpedoes to be the most difficult. After you release your ordinance, the enemy will immediately begin shooting at you.

When hit your plane will begin to smoke and you will lose oil pressure. After using up all of your ammunition you fly back to the carrier for repairs and to rearm. As in Choplifter, when you destroy an enemy fort little figures begin to run across the screen. You then have to strafe them in order to rid the island of them. When the occupation forces reach 0 the island is considered liberated. If you take too long you can run out of fuel, but more likely a Japanese zero will come looking for you. Shooting down zeros consists of turning back and forth to get behind them and shooting your machine guns. It’s never very easy but it becomes doable once you get the hang of it. These guys will also torpedo your carrier so keep a sharp eye out. You get three planes to accomplish your mission and after that the game ends. This is a fun game and you can probably spend a couple of hours with it during a rainy day.

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