Remember when a game took to long in Worms and sudden death became active? All Worms suddenly only had 1/100 health left and any small breeze was enough to lose. The AmigaOne A1222 is kinda the same when we talk about Amiga’s future. The release of the upcoming A1222 from A-EON Technology is getting closer, a mid-range but yet powerfull enough AmigaOne could open new doors for the Amiga scene in general. A lot of people missed the AmigaOne and AmigaOS 4.x revolution due it’s high cost price, it has been some hard financial years for everyone and spending 1500 euros is not always obvious for many people. None the less every AmigaOne had it’s potential and performed very well, from Acube’s AmigeOne 500 towards all AmigaOne computers released by A-EON technology and are in the end noble intentions. You have to be mad to invest such amount of money in a ‘commercial’ dead platform since 1994. I never had a face to face conversation with Trevor or Timothy, despite the last one living in Belgium just like me. But I find there efforts none the less amazing and find it regrettable how Cloanto and Hyperion are in a collusion course for the moment. The conflicts between several keypeople and financial disputes or sometimes extreme high price demands concerning the unification of the Amiga brand (trademark,patents,etc..) should end. The brand itself has lost it’s economical appeal for any kind of investor, those who dream of gaining financial benefits by holding several keypoints should understand that profit can only be made when the brand finds it’s way to the mainstream market again. This can never happen on a divided basis full of do & dont’s or we sue you behavior.

Most Commodore Amiga computers having a Vampire accelerator aren’t real Amiga’s either and have serious issues running older software…

In my honest opinion the A1222 is kinda up or down, and it’s success is depending on us not Trevor. The AmigaOne A1222 will cost between 400 and 500 euros and will be released by Christmas, if you start saving a few bucks then it’s purchase could not end in a personal financial backslash. Most of us probably already own a Wintel system, it can do everything we want so in the end we don’t need the AmigaOne A1222 for any off our daily computer tasks.  Still having this legend inhouse for such a exceptional low price is just good karma in the end and will probably give us countless hours of fun. If many AmigaOne A1222 are being sold, then it becomes more attractive to publish/license software for AmigaOS 4.1 and AmigaOne computers. That’s the keypoint in the end ‘software’, however a lot of entertainment is already available for AmigaOne and AmigaOS 4.1 and you can easily install several Linux distros to enhance the experience. The entire discussion of PowerPC should be non-existent for this time being, in the end everything can be done on any kind of hardware it only requires a good coder. The classic Commodore Amiga’s are getting very old and are way more obsolete then any AmigaOne even if it comes with a Vampire accelerator. Most Commodore Amiga computers having a Vampire accelerator aren’t real Amiga’s either and have serious issues running older software. Hence, most AmigaOne computer perform better then the Vampires when it comes to running older software. It’s not about attacking anyone, because the Apollo team did an amazing job in the end, it’s regrettable that Amiga international missed the 080 dream in the 90’s. It would have been a blast if Petro adapted to this this strategy back then.

The AmigaOne A1222 costs a little bit more then the V500 V2+(€345), and it would offer so much more and keeps our favorite brand ticking…

In the end, we should not think classic or Next Generation, because there can only be one ‘Amiga’ and AmigaOne and AmigaOS 4.1 are the closest to this legacy and have a possible future. The classic Commodore Amiga even with a Vampire has no future and nothing can be done to adjust it’s roadmap. The Apollo team is not investing millions of US Dollars and VampireOS is a total copyright infringement and like i said before more incompatible then any AmigaOne. I can imagine that some people don’t like this kind of opinion, but none the less you like Amiga else you never bought a Vampire in the first place. The AmigaOne A1222 costs a little bit more then the V500 v2+(€345), and it would offer so much more and keeps our favorite brand ticking. Ignore the hardcore anti AmigaOne preachers/haters and start saving a few bucks by Christmas and give the Amiga platform a new solid foundation. It’s easier to build a future upon new PowerPC computers and OS from 2017 then making progress on Commodore Amiga computers and OS dating back to 1994. it’s really up or down in the end, and if you have any Amiga passion then now is the time to act. If you ignore it then don’t complain that any prospect of ‘Amiga back for future’ has come to a definitive end by 2019.


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