The developers of Friendup announced a new feature for the Meta based operating system FriendUP. Friendup can now build and run on 32-bit Linux systems, this would broaden the amount of servers you can deploy Friend Core on, it is ideal for rebooting and using old servers. After 3 years of development and testing,  the world’s first Meta Operating System for the cloud has been released a few weeks ago. The FriendUP hardware independent operating system turns the Internet into your computer. With a decentralised computer that allows multiple devices on the same user account at the same time, software development and daily computing enters a new paradigm. FriendUP version 1.0.0 is the first “open source” release of the platform. It introduces a dynamic vision for the next paradigm in computing. FriendUP comes complete with a powerful kernel-like web server that supports multiple protocols and data sources, next to resource- and user session management. for more information please visit the website

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