A new update has been made for SquirrelJME and comes with several improvements. SquirrelJME is intended to be a Java ME 8 compatible environment for strange and many other devices. That is, you would be able to have a Java environment on a wide range of Internet of Things devices, older computers (such as the Amiga), embedded devices, and mobile devices from old to new. It intends to be 99.9% compatible with Java ME 8 and older J2ME standards. It should be able to run a wide range of older J2ME software which would enable this software to be used for archival purposes. Oracle Java ME Embedded is a Java runtime that leverages the core Java ME technologies deployed in billions of devices around the world in the Internet of Things. The Java ME specifications are designed to be rich in functionality, portable to a wide range of devices, flexible, and secure while being very resource-efficient and keeping the demands on the underlying platform low.

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