Pushover is a faithful re implementation of the game with the same name published in 1992 by Ocean and is now ported to MorphOS. It contains the original levels and the graphics and sound are very similar when compared with the original game. The task of the game is to rearrange the dominoes on the different platforms so that you can start a chainreaction that makes all dominoes topple over. You may rearrange all dominoes (except for one kind of domino) and place them wherever suitable (except in front of a door). The ant is controlled using the cursor keys and space. Use the space key to pick up the domino behind the ant or to place it down where you are currently standing. To push press first up to let the ant enter the row of dominoes. Then simultaniously press space and either left or right cursor key depending on whether you want to push the domino to your left or your right.

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