The Commodore 1084 and its variants (1084S, 1084ST, 1084S-P, 1084-P, 1084S-P2, 1084-D, 1084S-D) are all 15.75 kHz monitors, and probably used by many Commodore Amiga users. Just like the Amiga computers these monitors have been very popular and Commodore sold many of them. Although, they do not handle AGA double screenmodes. After many years of service or just laying around somewhere in your basement, recapping them is a necessary evil. Recapping a monitor is not so hard but it comes with some dangers. The warnings are so numerous and frightening, in fact, that it’s easy to believe that a CRT can vaporize humans and entire herds of cattle with a single discharge. None the less, if you inform yourself and you do everything step by step and have some basic knowledge of electronics nothing can go wrong. It’s especially good to swap capacitors if equipment has been unused for many years, especially old monitors don’t like to be left without voltage for a long time. Here are 2 kits for the Commodore 1084S-P and Commodore 1084S-D2 the kits have everything you need and sell around $20. And again be sure to discharge the CRT properly if you’re going to recap the monitor.

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