The Amiga saga continues with a new lawsuit, Cloanto best known for Amiga forever and C64 forever emulator packages is undertaking new legal actions against Hyperion entertainment CVBA. On December 31, 2016 the final deadline for extending the registration of the only remaining US “Amiga” trademark expired and Amiga inc. did not pursuit the safety of it’s exclusive trademark. The Cloanto Corporation acquired the US trademark and since then relations between Cloanto and Hyperion entertainment worsened. The only trademark region left for Amiga inc. is the Eurozone until May 2018 and will probably not be extended, so we can expect another conflict in the near future. This new ‘very expensive’ legal action undermines future development of AmigaOS by Hyperion Entertainment and also undermines the rather limited AmigaOne market. Cloanto never made any statements regarding new Amiga hardware or software development for 68k and PowerPC architecture and the AmigaMini story was nothing more then an indirect orchestrated hoax.

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