The X5000/20 developed by A-EON Technology came with a Dual-core Freescale 64bit CPU up to 2.0 GHz and the upcoming X5000/40 with a 64bit Quad Core PowerPC CPU will offer speeds of up to 2.5 GHZ. All of this is far from the end for the AmigaOne series from A-EON Technology, the 64bit T4240 PowerPC processor from NXP could push new AmigaOne’s up to 12 cores. Although no announcements have been made by A-EON Technology or ACube systems, AmigaOne computers are still able to break new boundaries. The 64bit T4240 PowerPC processor is also able to handle up to 24 virtual cores, integrated 1Gbps and 10Gpbs Ethernet, 6MB L2 cache, hardware acceleration and offers advanced system peripherals capabilities. The integration of the 64bit T4240 PowerPC processor into upcoming AmigaOne computers is far from easy and cheap but could be possible.

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