The LL530 allows you to connect Commodore and Atari controllers, and Amiga keyboards to your RasPi or Desktop computer, for emulation & gaming. The LL530 allows for live-autoconfiguring of the controllers, so that you can unplug a mouse, and plug in a joystick and it will detect that and ‘just work’. It also supports a slew of various controllers. For the odd controller that it can’t detect, there is a USB serial interface you can use to connect to it and manually change the settings. You can also select from all of the standard keymaps for the keyboards, and change how the controllers map to the various expected input schemes. Being based on a standard Arduino (the Pro Micro/Leonardo using an ATmega 32u4), it can be easily updated with new firmware as well, which also means you can write your own if you so wish. You can purchase the LL530 on for € 40.

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