Manuel Jesus founder and administrator of the Vampire Accelerators Users Group published a very interesting Youtube movie with a 4:3 aspect ratio capture from STAR TREK: Voyager. Shown here running in Brilliance HAM 8 hires mode. This was made using the BETA Gold core 3.0 with Super AGA functions. The Apollo team recently announced the immediate availability of the Gold 2.7 core for all Vampires 500, 500+ and 600. The Gold 2.7 core has many improvements, the most notable one being the hardware FPU. Some of the other extra included in Gold 2.7 are, improved MPU (memory protection), new high performance memory controller, reaching 600 MB/sec memory speed, native support for all 68882 FPU operations without need of extra libraries and fully pipelined hard FPU with peak @78 MFlops. The Apollo is an affordable accelerator board product line for Commodore Amiga Classic. It uses the Apollo core which is a code compatible Motorola M68K and ColdFire processor but is 3 to 4 time faster than the fastest 68060. It also brings Amiga Classic near to Amiga NG by bringing video through HDMI with millions of colours.

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