For Breed 3D is quite simply one of the best games ever to appear on the Amiga. It exploits the AGA hardware, injects it with euphoric gameplay and, at the same time, radiantly displays the potential that lies in the heart of a well-coded A1200. Be prepared to have your imagination captured as the game immerses you in the dangerously harsh world of the Breed and their foul brethren. Feel the adrenaline invigorate your senses as you frantically switch between out-and-out fearless aggression and cringingly fearful, trembling paranoia. Yes, Breed 3D does all that, plus some more, to the player as they play. The layout of the sixteen levels is believable enough in an Alien kind of a way. There are no pointless dead ends. There are extremely atmospheric, submerged areas. And, Doom-beatingly, the levels have different floor layers requiring the traversing of stairs, ramps, lifts and other obstacles to access them. Married to the design of the levels is an intuitive control system, offering maximum flexibility and degree of choice. Keyboard control can be completely reconfigured to the player’s choice, although it’s unlikely to be changed from the pre-set keys. The monsters inhabiting the levels are various and present their own little problems in choosing the most efficient method of dispatching them. Unlike the monsters in FearsBreed‘s denizens exhibit a limited believable intelligence. They run about a bit, dodge, weave, and attack you at every opportunity. As expected, different weapons do different types of damage and it’s in this area that players should familiarise themselves well. It means the difference between success and death. The weapons sound wonderful when fired. Although the double barreled shotgun acts as a pump action – quirky.  When walking through levels that are semi-submersed, the splish-splash of footsteps, the occasional howl of distant breed, the reflections from the graphics, the squeal of monsters that have been shot all meld together and pull you into a disturbingly violent, unfriendly world. It’s you, your wits and your weapons. And that’s tops. To finish off, the way the game makes use of accelerator cards deserves a special mention. Although the graphics might be too blocky at times, and the full screen mode doesn’t even bear thinking about, Alien Breed 3D goes further than being just a shoot ’em up. It’s the current star of the show as far as Amiga ‘Doom‘ clones are concerned. And if you happen to have a mate with an A1200 and a serial cable it’s probably the best two player combat game on Amiga.

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