Nim is a systems and applications programming language. Statically typed and compiled, it provides unparalleled performance in an elegant package. The Amiga relation is not based on a port of Nim compiler to the Amiga, but more of a port the Amiga libraries and architecture being used in Nim, which then can be used on the Amiga. “Nim is one of the newer emerging languages, it can ‘transpile’ into C really efficiently and well. So I like to think of it as C but with a lot of cool stuff on top. It supports multiple architectures, and claims to support Amiga – although it’s a little wrong in some parts, and some code is missing. Once compiled to C, then I use VBCC (on Windows) to turn it into an Amiga executable. I’ve got more of a complete system, I’ll be happy to publish to github.” Said developer BeatJan on the AEB forums. More information folowup of the project can be found on the EAB forums by clicking this link. 

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