Overkill is the world’s first AGA-only game and is very playable. At first it looks a bit naff, but when you sit down and pick up the joystick, all vestiges of amateurism fall away. Overkill is fast – in the speeding bullet class – and it is smooth too. No matter how many baddies crowd on to the screen, it never slows down, and the animation is never less than rock steady. All of this in AGA, and with some of the most undetectable parallax scrolling not seen on the Amiga. Although it takes its cues from Defender, Overkill is not quite a clone. Admittedly, it is still a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up, you are still trying to protect men on the ground, and you can even collect them and carry them below your ship just like… Defender. But there is no hyperspace in Overkill, and you cannot actually lose your men, though you do not get an end of level bonus for saving them, either – rats! Your little chappies are making a planetfall to find deposits of Trilithium crystals and destroy them. If your cosmic commandos do not succeed, the alien hordes will transmutate into even bigger and badder aliens. Smart bombs are replaced by a shield feature. You will need it, but as Vision Software boss Simon Armstrong says: “The shield is for wimps!”. No game is perfect – this one comes on two disks but it does not make use of a second drive, which is not as inexcusable as it sounds. The intro and code load from disk one, there is one disk swap and then you are playing. There is only one more disk swap needed to complete the game. The difficulty curve is smooth, and though it is a rough number to complete, more variety in the behaviour of the aliens would not have none amiss. The game also suffers from a distinct lack of super-bad end-of-level bosses. Beefs, aside, Overkill is fast, frenetic and fun, and it is AGA only.

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