Itec has responded to the allegations of Hyperion Entertainment and is not willing to step down on the ongoing disputes. The company is actually demading money from Hyperion Entertainment’s sales. As an Amiga Party, Itec is also entitled to a disgorgement of profits earned by Hyperion in violation of the Settlement Agreement, the amount of which shall be determined at trial.” The company also stated in it’s complaint that Hyperion Entertainment holds virtual nothing releated to all Amiga trademarks. At no time did Hyperion acquire independent rights to use AMIGAOS, AMIGAOS, AMIGAONE, or AMIGA ONE, which are confusingly similar to the AMIGA trademark that Amiga, directly or its predecessors-in-interest and licensees, has used substantially and exclusively in commerce in the United States since the 1980s.” You can read more by clicking this link

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