The big news from the AmiWest show this year is the announcement that BITbyBIT Software Group LLC and Amiga On The Lake have joined forces to complete the Advanced Visual Developer project. Amiga On The Lake has agreed to fully fund the development of the commercial version of AVD, which will then be exclusively sold (world wide) via AOTL’s store. An “Early Adopter” purchase option of AVD will go up on the AOTL store, on or before the 5th the December this year. The “Early Adopter” version will include a largely functional version of the AVD suite and its components, and will be for those who wish to work with the in-development version prior to the 1.0 release. The “Early Adopter” package will be sold for $199.95 (USD), which is $100 (USD) under the $299.95 (USD) normal list price. The “Early Adopter” package will only be available until the full 1.0 version is released. The exact release date for the 1.0 version has not yet been set, but with full time hours being put into it, BITbyBIT would expect around the first quarter of 2019, perhaps earlier. Purchase of either the “Early Adopter” version or the full 1.0 release will entitle you to free updates through all 1.x versions. After which the upgrade cost to the next major version will be around 20% of the full list price of the software, or around $60 (USD).

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