SketchBlock is a powerful digital painting package for AmigaOS 4.1, offering smooth, responsive tools to create images in High Dynamic Range colour. The paint tool has been extended to add many new features, as well as the previous pressure sensitive, blend modes, jitter and progressive modes, the updated tool adds modulation over the brush stroke, smooth stroke, constraining to straight lines, and integrates with the new colour picker tool. When setting up a project you can now choose between High Dynamic Range colour and standard 32 bit colour. The former allows the smoothest colour transitions, whilst the latter make better usage of system memory for those projects that don’t need the full HDR treatment. HDR projects are slightly faster to work with as plugins and filters work in floating point HDR internally. With todays modern image formats and sizes you can quickly run short of memory, especially when working in HDR. SketchBlock offers Extended Memory Paging to page the internal buffers allowing much larger projects to be loaded. You can puchase the program on Amistore.

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