It was first released in 2010 for Xbox Live, and since then, it’s been ported to nearly every platform imaginableThis month, the folks of CSDb released a Commodore 64 version! If you aren’t afraid of the dark, Limbo is a game that you will enjoy playing. If you are, Limbo will help banish your fears.  Limbo seems to be a twisted take on the popular German folk tale, Hansel and Gretel, two little children who get lost in the forest. In this version of the game, which is set to eerie, haunting tunes to draw players further into Limbo’s macabre setting, an unnamed boy sees himself wake up in an unnamed forest, having been separated from his unnamed sister. Limbo’s setting may be vague and creepy, but its purpose is simple — a boy is on the search for his beloved sister, and will do whatever he needs to in order to find her. The boy in question has to navigate this forest, which while tedious on its own, contains a series of dangerous and lethal traps that players might both knowingly and inadvertently spring. The AI, for all of its eerie music and haunting settings, is actually quite nice in its own creepy little way by providing players gruesomely detailed images of what would happen if this little boy were to accidentally spring the traps. The Commodore 64 version can never have the same elegance but comes very close in playabilty and fun factor.

The orignal version 
The Commodore 64 release 

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