Individual computers proudly announced that the pre-orders for Indivision ECS V2 and ACA500plus are open. For the second production run of the ACA500plus, Individual computers done a few small upgrades to adapt the card to the needs of Amiga users. Some customers were not satisfied with the speed of the card, which is why Individual computers have changed to the new CPU type 68SEC000. For this processor Individual computers can’t just guarantee 14.1MHz, but stable operation up to 21MHz. It is of course still possible to set the CPU frequency to up to 42MHz, but since this is very demanding for the power supply regulation and cooling, this is not covered by standard customer support. When Indivision ECS was released in 2009, scan line emulation was still special. Over the years, other products and emulators have copied Individual computers idea. They now refined this feature: The scan line emulation in Indivision ECS V2 can be carefully adjusted, so the effect can be set according to individual taste.

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