This Russian kit for Personal paint 7.1 includes Amiga-1251 Russian User Interface locale, Russian Personal font and a special patch for PPaint 7.1c, A-EON distributed 7.1c version or Amiga Forever 2014 version 7.2 to help people when they use Russian fonts on their system. Cloanto’s PPaint 7 is fully RTG capable, and most particularly is CyberGraphX aware and can exploit it to the fullest, including taking advantage of CyberGraphX to make PPaint 7 totally chip-RAM free, if desired. PPaint 7, like its predecessors, does more than just basic image conversion, allowing you to load and save in a variety of formats, but it provides for some image processing as well. PPaint’s drawing interface reflects the generally accepted ways to work in a modern paint program, so there is not a high learning curve if you are unfamiliar with PPaint.

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