While running backups of PS1 games on the PlayStation Classic has been possible in the past few days, BleemSync looks to simplify the process of adding new games to your PS Classic. To use it, you need a USB stick named SONY, and to make sure it’s formatted to FAT32. Next, you’ll want to copy the contents of BleemSync to the root of the USB, as well as create a folder called Games. The folder structure is specific and must be done precisely. A test folder is included in the download to give a better look at how things need to be named. You’ll need an .ini and .cfg for each game, along with a legally dumped .bin and .cue of whichever title you want to play. Each .ini must point toward the correct .bin file, with a title, publisher, player number, and year of release. Once that’s done, all that’s left to do is run BleemSync, and put the USB drive in the PlayStation Classic, where your games should show up and be playable after a reboot.

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