The Amiga Ireland 2019 MOD Competition was very popular this year. Amiga Ireland would like to thank all those who gave their time and talent to enter and big congratulations to all involved. The MODs were played on an A1200 with the exception of the 4th song which was played using WinUAE for technical reasons. Source/image by Amiga Ireland


1st  – Dawn of Delusions by Olivier Degand aka Ok3an0s/Nuance

2nd – Square Funk by Ace Man

3rd – Illusion by MsMadLemon

4th – Start Over Again by Vic Zoltar Dreammusic

5th – 2019: Be The Last by Nikku4211

6th – RIP Yomaru by xxYNT_fan_2003xx

7th – Chipmunk 7 by Nat

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