Early this March, the EUIPO declined Cloanto’s attempt to acquire the ‘Workbench’ trademark in the European Economic Area. This due opposition of Belgian based Hyperion Entertainment. Hyperion Entertainment recently released AmigaOS 3.1.4/68K mostly coded by volunteers, the OS release received a positive feedback from the Amiga community. But caused various legal disputes amongst Amiga trademark owners and the OS has been blocked on several online stores. The progress of AmigaOS 4.X/PPC is one of very slow progress and had drivers support problems when A-EON technology released it’s high-end X5000 workstation. There have also been some delays in offering driver support for the upcoming mid-class A1222. Several Italian magazines reported that Cloanto would release the ‘Amiga Mini’ computer in 2018. The magazines claimed that Paul Andrews CEO of Retro Games ltd. made an exclusive agreement with Cloanto. Sadly, Cloanto denied any involvement with the Amiga Mini and claims that the 2 Italian magazines made a wrong interpretation and everything is wrong.”I’ve been trying to track the source of this, and the explanation that Paul Andrews gave me is: “I am guessing there were questions [at the Milan Games Week] along the lines of – ‘would you create an Amiga Mini’ and my answers would have been along the lines of – that’s a possibility but nothing is confirmed yet. These Italian sites seem to be very unprofessional, just wanting clicks.” Said Mike Battilana in a mail communication. None the less the rumour caused a lot of sensation in the community and some people still hope for the mini.

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