Renaud Schweingruber recently released a new status report of the upcoming Vampire V1200. The final specs for the V1200: based on the Cyclone 3 FPGA, 128MB SDRAM, 1x Digital Video Out port, 2x Expansion Ports, 1x microSD port, 1x Fast IDE port, 1x JTAG port, 1x IDE / PWR / Reset pins (for tower users). As AGA is already present in A1200, Vampire 1200 V2 will be shipped with a GOLD2.xx core branch for initial release. About Gold3 Renaud stated that “GOLD3 is also new to GOLD3 Alpha for V2 accelerators brought proof of our ongoing work. GOLD3 development should be resumed as soon as we are happy with V4 progress and backport V4 changes to GOLD3. It actually makes us feel better and we are still improving AGA. V4 will delay all other topics.” Release is planned for this summer.

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