VIM 8.2.25 Released: a simple text editor with amazing extra features

VIM is a compact program that is designed as a simple text editor but has a lot of extra features waiting under the hood. It allows you to edit text and to save simple text files but its main function is to assist with code editing. It supports syntax highlighting and row numbering. The application can recognize plenty of programming languages and allows you to set the syntax manually. You can use this tool to convert a simple text to HTML or to hexadecimal code with just one click. If you usually work with many documents simultaneously the program can accommodate your style by opening multiple files in the same window. You can also split the current window and view two instances of the document that you are working on. This is useful when you work with large files and you need to view a certain part of the code while writing new lines. Although you can use the program as a simple text editor, Vim is clearly aimed at programmers and developers.

new source: OS4depot / image source: Pixabay / download VIM

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