New high-quality Amiga power supply units available

Amiga 500/500+/600/1200 systems have sold over 7 million units worldwide, an impressive number even by today”s standards. However, unlike modern computers, tablets, and smartphones, a considerable number of Amiga systems are still operational over 30 years after being introduced to the public. In proper hands they have a chance of surviving another 30 years. Yet a common failure among Amiga systems is the power supply. This series of power supplies gives your system a fresh start, minimizing the risk of damage due to an ageing factory power supply. The new designed specifically for Amiga systems to preserve them in a pristine condition for years to come. Stabilized +5V/4.0A, +12V/2.0A, and -12V/0.5A DC ensure continued error-free operation of your Amiga. Robust and sturdy chassis with LED-illumination and different styles and colors to choose from. Fully fused and electrically protected, with square DIN5 plug matching the original Amiga PSU pinout. You can purchase them on Ebay for just $45.

news source: Ebay / Image source : Ebay

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