Hydra Castle Labyrinth: Enhanced port released for Amiga

Secrets, monsters, dungeons, bosses, and treasure. Any good dungeon crawler game has these aspects to it. Hydra Castle Labyrinth has them in spades. The game is created by Japanese game developer E. Hashimoto and ported to Commodore Amiga by Artur Jarosik. The game is split up between eight different dungeons, all connected by a larger more general castle labyrinth area. The dungeons are accessed by small doors placed through out the main labyrinth that are opened by small numbered keys. All dungeons keys are held by the boss of a dungeon level who holds the key to the next one. The game includes auxiliary weapons, such as arrows, axes, and boomerangs which are hidden through out the castle. Much in the style of Castlevania, each weapon has its own special way of killing things. Requires any Commodore Amiga with a Vampire accelerator.

news source: artishq / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Hydra Castle Labyrinth

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